Hi, my name is Kerry
I have had this site for many years, but as my life has changed, so has my interests.
I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Since I was 10, I have always been starting businesses. Some have been profitable and others miserable failures. Regardless of the outcome, I was always drawn to starting something new.
A few years ago I decided to branch out and explore coaching. I had been helping people start their own businesses for several years, but I never focused on it. It was always helping out friends to try and achieve something in their life.
When a friend of a friend reached out for help, I felt like I needed to charge something. Time is valuable and if I am going to help improve their life, then it was only fair to ask for something in return. Thus grew my coaching business.
I have added a few life coach clients, but for the most part, I tend to focus on helping people start their business.
With the latest client, I decided this would be a good time to restart the blog. With each client, I have had to cover the same basic topics. What direction do you want to take? Have you thought about how to fund this? Do you know how you want to form the business?
The list goes on and on. Since time is money, what better way to save time in the long run then by writing it out? This was they can read about the topics as needed and I don’t have to repeat myself.
My goal is to write about the things I cover and that interest me. I love starting businesses and discussing that. I am fascinated with money and how it works and would like to talk about that. I am big on self-improvement and will probably discuss some of that here as well.
Now I am not here to try and sell you a bunch of things. I do not want to come off like the droves of coaches out there who are looking to sell the eBook version of their services. I will use affiliate links when talking about different things, but everything recommended will be something I use and own. I am not going to tell you there are spots opening for clients as I prefer to get them via word of mouth.
I will share my ideas with you. I will discuss topics with you and if time allows will address your questions.
I am not sure where this will lead, but I am looking forward to this journey.
Thanks for visiting.