How Much Authority Do They Have

When do you question the professional authority of a person or organization? You know a doctor has gone to school and should have some ability in directing you on health decisions.  You trust an attorney to help you make legal decisions.  What about internet authorities though? For people looking to make money on the internet, something [...]


Cheesy Pork Carnitas Chile Rellenos

As promised, here is the chile relleno recipe that goes with the cheesy ranchero sauce. Coming from Texas, I have grown up on different types of Mexican food.  To some degree there is a love of Tex-Mex instilled in us, but the amount of cheese and sour cream in those dishes are just not healthy. One [...]


Cheesy Ranchero Sauce

This week I was playing around with some left over pork loin and green chilies I had.  Being in Texas, you grow up eating all types of Mexican food.  I love carnita tacos, but there are no tortillas with the low carb, slow carb eating plan.  Instead, I decided to stuff the green chiles with [...]

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Lasagna Stuffed Chicken

I get a ton of emails every day.  Some offer new exercises or diets that will turn me thin in no time.  Others offer healthy recipes.  It was because of one email that I came up with lasagna stuffed chicken. This particular email suggested a pizza stuffed chicken breast to make dinners fun.  Since I cannot [...]


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